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Reflow Soldering

MarkⅢ Series Reflow System

Mark Ⅲ

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1. Lead Free Certified

2. Enhanced Heater Modules

3. New Flux Management System - Eliminates Maintenance

4. Intuitive Control System

5. Programmable Cooling

6. Integrated CPK Software

7. The best technology and the best value for money reflow ovens

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Reflow Soldering

Air Reflow Oven


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1. Zone design flexibility upgradable from 8 to 9 zones

2. Innovative Technology to meet challenging profile and heat uniformity requirements.

3. Achieved major reduction of 40% power consumption

4. Solution based machine design to cater various product difficulties and board range.

5. Robust and durable conveyor support to keep board from dropping.

6. Combined pin and mesh type belt for different board conveyance.

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Reflow Soldering



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1. 100% Guaranteed stable and reliable temperature control profile at your mass production

2. Compact solution in a 6m optimum length catered for highly productive and demanding environment

3. Only provide the most stabilized O² density <250ppm with very low N² consumption of 180nl/min

4. Saves 40% of energy usage through 3 layer advanced chamber isolation

5. Improve up to 100% maximum reflow efficiency via dual lane for same type production Heating efficiency has been improved significantly and minimization of T has been achieved, realized high precision reflow heating.

6. Recycling System: easy maintenance and power savings

7. Hot air recycling through round hole suction on either sides of the heating panel

8. Possible retrofitting as an external unit and maintenance cycle in the system is greatly extended in flux collection system

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