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Through extensive application research, the optimization of user configuration is used, and the capacity is maximized.

A qualitative and quantitative reference report is provided to the user through a structured project evaluation.

Ensure that the user is properly invested in the appropriate product.


Pre-installation meeting to ensure personnel and tools & materials to be all in readiness

For equipment installation and debugging, efficient installation service will be provided in the shortest time

The maintenance and repair of the equipment will ensure smooth production to achieve maximal productivity.

Provide active phone response and on-site support under warranty.

Failure analysis and prevention to avoid repeated failures.


Intimate service renewal, a variety of service packages to meet the users’ needs.

Provides a quick and efficient machine maintenance services out of warranty.

Customized maintenance contracts, overall service outsourcing, effectively solving the shortage of users of technical personnel.

Set up a spare parts maintenance center, significantly reducing new accessories purchase costs.


Regional warehouse, adequate inventory, quick response to customers’ demands.

Quick response time for accessories.

The maintenance and repair will ensure smooth production to achieve maximal productivity.

Well-known logistics partners, flexible delivery.

Reliable original accessories, the quality is more guaranteed.


Field operation training.

Certification trainers course.

Setting up ATS center and configuring equipment and facilities.

Customized training scheme.

Provide training guarantee, unlimited replacement training.

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