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Dispensing & Coating

Nordson ASYMTEK Precision Fluid Dispensing System

Spectrum™ II S2-900 Series

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1.    The Spectrum II series leverages over 30 years of Nordson ASYMTEK’s automated fluid dispensing and jetting technology

2.    Scalable design matches current and future requirements for maximum return on investment

3.    The Spectrum II series continues Nordson ASYMTEK’s market leadership with:

       ●  High precision X-Y-Z motion system

       ●  Total system wet dispense accuracy performance for dots and lines

       ●  Patented, closed-loop process controls for consistent dispense weight over long production runs

       ●  Independent X, Y, Z dual simultaneous valve dispensing option for increased productivity

       ●  Integrated vision system with on and off axis lighting options

       ●  Integrated substrate heating options for up to 6 stations

       ●  Programmable dual-axis tilt option