Automation Solutions

Production doubtsManufacturing Challenges

  • Too high a manpower cost? Is it difficult for enterprises to recruit workers?

    High labor cost and difficulty in recruitment?

  • Major Quality Accidents of Mistake Material Occur Frequently?

    High frequency of major quality issues resulting from the use of wrong materials?

  • Low productivity? Equipment production information can not be instantly analyzed and processed?

    Low production efficiency ?

    Difficulty in real-time analysis and processing of production data?

  • Can not achieve comprehensive traceability management? Process flow can not achieve anti-sluggish control?

    Inability to achieve total traceability management ? Unable to achieve process routing control for full proof manufacturing ?

  • Low innovation ability? Can the production plan not meet the actual needs of the enterprise?

    Lagging in innovation ? Production plan does not fit actual demands ?

Automation schemeAutomation Solutions

  • Customized Multifunctional Loading

    Customized Multiple function Movement,Component loading /unloading

  • Customized plug-ins, assembly

    Customized Insertion , Assembling combination

  • Chemical Processing, Integration

    Chemical process (Dispensing, Spray, Coating, Printing, POP, etc. )

  • Design of New Production Application Flow

    New application process flow design

  • Customized Production Management Software

    Customized Management Software

  • Customized Logistics Transportation Integration System

    Customized Logistic Facility

Customized Multifunctional Loading
Customized plug-ins, assemblies
Chemical Processing, Integration
Design and Development of New Production Application Flow
Customized Production Management Software
Design and Implementation of Customized Logistics Transportation System

Universal MMI

Sales area:All

1. It uses the work principle of robot arm workstation to control the insertion process (patented intelligent pressing plug-in effect);

2. The suction mechanism is separated from the pressing mechanism so as to achieve universality purpose;

3. It avoids that different insertion heads are customized for different products, and greatly reduces the production cost and time cycle;

4. It is equipped with 2 sets of alternate linked robot arms and 4 workstations. 4 to 8 insertion heads can simultaneously draw 2 or more same plugins, shortening the feeding time and greatly improving the speed and the production efficiency;

5. Calibrated current torque mode is adopted for re-pressing plugins during independent lifting of the panel to effectively protect PCB in the process of placement;

6. It is not required to change the nozzle and clamping jaw to produce different products. It can be used widely and provides high investment benefits;

7. It is compatible with a variety of feeding modes (vibration bowl, Feeder, tubing and Tray);

8. Bilateral feeding increases the benefits;

9. The types of plugins can be extended to hundreds;

10. 4 sets of camers are adopted for recognition and positioning of components (PCB positioning, pin positioning, and component positioning);

11. A standard component database can be pre-established offline to realize fast and covenient programming and shorten the programming time when changing products;

12. Manual operation is replaced with standardized workstation which features flexible allocation and is suitable for various production under small quantity to really achieve convenient and automatic linear production.

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Automatic Shielding Cover Placement Machine

Sales area:All

1.  Placement speed < 2.5 seconds, acceptability > 99.9%;

2.  High precision: Marking & shielding frame visual positioning + component visual compensation;

3.  It adopts image recognition technology for the shielding cover to effectively avoid the inflow of wrong materials;

4.  Adopt calibrated current torque mode to pre-press or direct press the shielding cover for protecting PCB;

5.  It is equipped with universal nozzles which are not need to be changed in case of changing products that could save the time;

6.  Complete re-pressing technology is adopted to prevent that the shielding cover is not covered tightly over the PCB;

7.  Bilateral feeding is applicable to various shield covers. 4 Tray feeder and multiple tape feeders can load a variety of shield covers;

8.  It is applicable to tape and label placement (one-dimensional/two-dimension-al code canning);

9.  It achieves smooth connection of production lines, improving the production efficiency;

10. Compatible with the production mode of using carrier of non-carrier direct feeding, and can be used both in front and back of the reflow oven.

11. Compatible with two mounting mode of point pressing and repressing, flexible and convenient.

12. Additional function: can scan code, dock with EMS system, and detect thermal conductive silicone grease.

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